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Our Work, Our Passion

Our Yoga work could not be Yoga if we didn’t apply the same principles in our business models. After paying our bills and looking after our families, we give the rest to the charities that have helped the recent refugee crisis. Utopia 56 who do an amazing job helping people on the streets find a roof over their heads, clothes and utilites to protect and feed them. BAAM, who help people to Integrate, learn french, tackle the bureactic system with legal support and much much more. Finally, we ourselves take to the streets in the winter months, to distribute gloves, scarfs, sock and undergarments.

We hope to increase the amount of help we can give, with allocated meditation classes twice a week. These short 30 mins classes allow students to explore the depths of inner stillness, knowing that their 10€ will directly go to the urgent need of both locals and migrants on the streets.

Non-violence. We don’t believe in a perfect body, or a perfect student, its why you won’t see us take our clothes off to promote our school. The branding of human bodies for marketing and advertising is violent, especially for women, people of colour and LGBTI, we just won’t play that game

Truthfulness. We started with telling ourselves some truths! How can we be yogis and follow established business models when they seek only to feed the greedy and ignore the needy. We had to be the change we wanted to see.

Non-stealing/hoarding. Having fatter bank accounts and more things, is exaclty what the 1% of the popluation already do, we didn’t want to play that game either!

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Mohammed is the senior yoga teacher at yogainparis, his style is Vinyasa a dynamic strengthening and challenging practice that takes inspiration from Ashtanga and Iyenger traditions.


Arif teaches from the heart with rigour and kindness. A sports science degree gives him a deeper understanding of the body that combined with a dedicated practice allows him to recognize where exactly in the body the works need to be done. Keen at showing how to structure the posture according to your strength, Arif will take you on a journey of progress.


Cy teaches with awareness to people's needs and respects limits. Mixing different styles to his teachings you can expect variety and play in order to let your energy flow and release your tensions.


Born and raised in New York, Dani was introduced to sports at a young age. As a long-distance runner, it was an injury that led her to discover yoga 7 years ago. Much like herself, Dani’s special approach to yoga is dynamic and intense - encouraging you to build both inner and outer strength.


George has been practicing yoga for a few years now. After some physical problems in his knee he discovered Vinyasa yoga. Its been 10 years since that has allowed him to resign his energy. He teaches in the spirit of openness and kindness.

Carole Nawo

Nawo Carole has been organising work shops of empowerment for men and women of all origins for associations for a few years. She also practices Kundalini yoga. The yoga Nidra that she teaches guides towards a better understanding of self and develops inner strength.


Marie first practiced modern dance for almost 15 years. This discipline allowed her, on one hand, to understand the importance of breathing, and on the other hand, to discover that what attracted her in longer exercises of posture maintenance corresponded to what 'a meditative state' is called a balance between strength and sweetness. A sensation that she has today been able to rediscover and amplify with Hatha Yoga.