Please refer to the FAQ before contacting the yoga center. If you still have questions please email the center on the contact page
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What do I wear for yoga?
Comfortable sportswear, appropriate to the climate. No footwear.

Can I get changed there?
There is a changing room and a toilet

How do I get in, is there an access code?
Please wait outside; your teacher will open the front shop door 10 mins before class starts.

How much is the class?
A single class without any other fee or charges is simply 20€. There are options for a group of cards at special rates, but they all have expiry dates ie 3 or 6 months limitations of use for example.

Can I pay by card?
Payment by cheque or cash only

Do I need my own mat?
We provide mats free of charge, but please remember to clean it after use

Do you have prenatal class?
Pre and post natal classes are on Friday mornings at 10am and is listed as Soft Yoga

Can I do beginners class if I’m pregnant?
Mohammed is the only teacher that has studied yoga during pregnancy. You are most welcome to the beginners class, but please alert Mohammed that you are pregnant, and follow his instructions when he forbids a movement or position

Can I get a refund?
We do not provide refunds on single classes. If you have a class card and have fallen sick, we will need a doctor’s note before we can process a refund. Please note refunds are exceptional, we have soft yoga, that requires very small movement, and Yoga Nidra which requires no movement, giving you the opportunity to use your card. Illness and death are the only excuses we will accept.

Do I have to reserve?
Reserving your class helps to guarantee your place. However if due to work restrictions you are often late or unable to make it, please don’t reserve as you will be billed for the class.

I have missed my class, what do I do?
If you late a few minutes, wait for the teacher to start the class, and signal that you are outside. Please do not tap on the window.

How do I cancel my class?
Please send us an email 24h in advance of your cancellation. Cancellations after the 24h period will be billed. Please pay for your class at the next possible moment, do not wait for the teacher to chase after your payment

I have not finished all my classes on my card can I have an extension?
The answer is no, unless you have a medical reason, that allows you to not even do meditation.

Which teacher should I go to?
You will feel a sense of connection, with the teacher or the way they teach. The only way to know is to come to class after you have a look at the teacher’s bio and schedule.

I am not flexible, is yoga for me?
Yoga is for everyone that wants to improve his or her physical body and emotional well-being.

Does yoga help with sleep problems?
Yoga and meditation are tools for a healthier living; it is up to you how you integrate them into your lives

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