The Yoga

The only way you can really know the level or intensity of the class is to experience it. Each of our teachers brings their own method and practice to their class, and the only way to truly know which type of yoga is suitable for you, is to try different teachers.

From the beginners class to advanced Mohammed’s Vinyasa style brings techniques from all the different schools of yoga making his class a unique experience. You will strengthen and challenge every part of your physical body. It leaves you in that place where you are calm, your senses are heightened and you are ready for the deeper practices of pranayama and meditation.

Mohammed and Carlos are also happy to give instructions in english or spanish for non french speakers.

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Yoga for Beginners

Beginners with Mohammed :

Open to everyone regardless of physical fitness, this class will set you up for a strong dynamic basic practice. It is here that you start to build a strong body. Be ready to move your body.


Intermediate with Mohammed: Expect a challenge. Moving with flow from one posture to another always in tune with your breath. This class is for those that have already practiced yoga and are ready to push forward into those challenging poses. It is here that you learn to calm the mind.


Advanced: In this class you will take your body to the edge of its limits, in carefully choreographed sequences. Exploring advanced practices both in Asana and Pranayama Mohammed will share ancient practices that heighten every aspect of your being. Open only for serious practioners who have a regular practice and are interested in both the physical practice and the philosophy that is at the core of yoga.




Soft yoga: This class is for those who are recovering from illness or injury or wish to take it slow. This level is suitable for prenatal yoga. Here you will learn to move softly so that healing can occur on both a physical and mental level. In this class you learn how to let go both of tension in body parts and long held negative emotions. 

Yoga Nigra


& meditation

Yoga nidra is a profound relaxation technique that allows deep healing to occur. With the aide of a calming voice we travel into the body where deep rooted emotions are buried. Also known as psyhic sleep yoga nidra, allows you to float in wellbeing encouraging a healing and restorative energy. Using ancient techniques we explore the frontiers of our beings and our bodies. We finish with a 20 minute guided meditation to bring stillness and focus to our daily lives.




Give something back without reward or gratitude. The center offers free classes each week to senior citizens. It offers fortnightly workshops to two associations dedicated to helping victims of violence with the support of an in-house clinical psychoanalyst. If you would like to sponsor, be part of this work, or have ideas for other projects please contact us. Experienced yoga teachers please contact us if you wish to be part of the team.