The Yoga

The practice of yoga is as vast as are the benefits. We practice yoga as a holistic approach. Whilst strengthening your structural body the internal organs are also required to function at their optimum. Intense yoga poses, from beginners to advanced levels, will continue to challenge both your stamina and endurance. Whilst the control of your life force (pranayama—brreath control) Will establish a strong foundation in Self.
A typical class will start with a seated posture and control of your breath. We then move through Asana – postures, and depending on the teacher the variety and speed of movement between each postures is called Vinyasa. Whilst you practice the postures, you are encouraged to breath through the nose with the inhale being the same length as the exhale, this is called pranayama, and finally the concentration of your senses by always finding a visual focus points. Before the practice ends with Mediation you are required to participate in Savasna, corps pose. This require a letting go of control to experience deep relaxation.
As these three elements combine, you begin to develop a force that you didn’t think was accessible. As your practice develops your harness more power physically, and this in turn show you your human capacties. By learning, playing and pushing your limits, you learn to negotiate life with many different tools. Each time you end the session, you have a feeling of gaining something, and a deeper sensation of letting go, wether that be elements of your day, you storyline or your past.

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